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Friday, October 1, 2010

Gray Haven!

Let's kick this off right with an up and coming trend in housing fashion: Gray Walls.  Is it "grey" or "gray"?  I always want to spell it "grey" but I've been told that's unacceptable. Except in England. 

Anyway, according to my teacher, Debbie Mosher (a well respected interior designer in Southern Utah), gray and purple are the new "it" colors for home design.  Goodbye Tuscan-style with your warm yellows, olive greens, and burgundies...in with cool, soothing gray and distinctive eggplant/plum.

Before I even learned gray was the new trend, I'd been considering implementing more gray myself.  I mean we did our whole great room in "Puff" which is the whitest gray you can get.  But I need MORE GRAY, specifically, in our bedroom.  So, I looked to the beloved Google Images for some gray inspiration and I got it.  I present to you: perfection.

It's not gray and purple; its gray and...hmmm...how do you describe that amazingness manifesting itself as a chair in the corner? Ochre?  Simply sublime.


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