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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Free download! Mint Fox Wallpaper for your Apple Devices.You're welcome!

It's hot out there!  I'm writing from my 3rd floor office overlooking the tall pine and oak trees swaying as a storm is getting ready to blow through.  Nothing could be more beautiful than a North Carolina summer!  Except maybe a North Carolina spring, fall, winter.  Ok, I love North Carolina.

Anyway, without further ado, here is a little freebie creation of mine I thought you might enjoy!  I kind of have a thing for mint green and foxes. If you do too, these little buddies can be yours with just a tap.

1. Tap and hold to save image to camera roll.
2. Go to Settings > Brightness & Wallpaper (or Wallpapers & Brightness for iOS 7) > Wallpaper (or Choose a New Wallpaper) > Camera Roll
3. Decide which screens you want the wallpaper to appear on, and...
4. Enjoy your little baby foxies.

For all generations of full size iPads

For all generations and types of iPad Minis

For all iPhone 5's
For all iPhone 4's and iPod Touch 4th Gen


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