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Monday, November 10, 2014

A Hand-Holding and NC State Football-themed Logo: A Family Affair

When a couple (who I adore) recently approached me with a request to make a family logo for them, I was over the moon.  Life's long and winding journey brought these two who were acquainted in childhood together again just a couple of years ago.  Their story is so inspiring, so naturally they deserved a beautiful visual emblem of their legacy and their common interests.

I take all of my clients through a 5-question visual branding exercise quiz - super easy, super fun.  I mean who of us is not addicted to Buzzfeed quizzes to determine everything from which Jane Austen character we would have been in a previous life to the color of our individual auras?  Yeah, I don't know how accurate the results of those quizzes are actually; I mean, a silver aura?  Is that even a thing? But the results of the visual branding quiz I administer to my clients are prettttttty accurate and the quiz seems to get at the heart of their core brand values, look, and feel quickly.  This goes for family brands as well!

So, two major recurring themes surfaced when these two sat down together to answer the branding questions:

1) NC State Football
2) Holding Hands

"Good luck making those two things come together in one logo," they said.  I LOVE a good challenge like that!

They also said they couldn't decide if a combination logo or an emblem logo is more of what they were going for.  Nevertheless, they gave me great direction to get going and here was the result:

NC State colors, football, hand holding - it's all there!  The combo logo choice is featured on top with the emblem on the bottom.  They both decided that the emblem logo is exactly what they were looking for.  Excellent choice, guys!

In addition to adding their new family emblem to their holiday cards (the moment I receive theirs this year, you'll be the first to have a look, btw), they asked for advice about home decor on which they could use the emblem. So I directed them to my favorite online printing service, Shutterfly which offers a myriad of customizeable home decor options.  No, I don't own stock in Shutterfly and they haven't even sent me anything free to put a plug in for them.  I just love them. (But Shutterfly, you can totally send me free stuff if you want) :)

I used Shutterfly's online visualization tool to plug in this family's new emblem to show them a couple of options.  First, one of their pillows happens to match NC State colors quite nicely:

Also, if they wanted something as simple as a little refrigerator decoration, this group of 3 customizeable magnets looks smashing with both the combo logo and the emblem logo featured.

In summary, the possibilities are endless for using a family logo in beautiful ways around the home.    What an amazing visual reminder to a family of their core identity and aesthetic appeal!


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