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Monday, November 17, 2014

The Metamorphosis of the Mind Puzzle Media Logo

Metamorphosis refers to that process of changing from a cocoon to a beautiful butterfly, right? I don't know; I'm reaching and trying to dust off that folder labeled "5th grade science facts" for this one. I think metamorphosis is the right word. Yeah?

Anyway, the process from beginning to end in this super fun logo creation project was just that - a step-by-step peeling away of the layers to refine the logo into exactly what the company's founder had envisioned. I had the ideal client who had a strong sense from the beginning of where he wanted the logo to go; I LOVE when that happens :)

The client, Mind Puzzle Media, is a burgeoning multi-media company based out of Colorado Springs, CO. Visit the company's Facebook page to learn more! We'd been in talks for a couple of months to get a logo going for the company, so when the founder decided to pull the trigger, I sent over my 5-step visual branding exercise that I mentioned in my last post.  The results were decisive:

1) The logo needed to be a combination (image and text) logo
2) It should be colored blue and
3) It should feature the image of a brain composed of puzzle pieces

My mind immediately reeled with the possibilities of featuring a brain composed of puzzle pieces, starting with a very literal interpretation and ending very abstractly.  So, here's what I supplied in my first rough round of three concepts:

Literal brain divided into puzzle pieces.

In this one I played with the concept of the "puzzle" as being more like a roughly drawn ancient treasure map clue. Notice the "MPM" subtly worked in there.  Oh yeah.

And then for this one, I went a little more Art Deco in my interpretation of puzzle.  Like if John Wagner were to make a brain puzzle for a vintage 1920s poster, this would have been it.

So, my husband (Zak) and I took bets on which rough concept was going to be the winner - Zak said the ancient puzzle clue treasure map, but I felt in my heart of hearts that the founder's vision was very literal and he'd go with the first option.  Alas, I won that little contest - and literal was the winner.

Then the tweaking process began.  Not so many puzzle pieces - just maybe two or three - was the first request:

And then maybe if the puzzle pieces weren't cut off by the smooth outline of the brain, but rather if the pieces' edges made the outline and if the outlines of the pieces could be separated by spaces:

Yes!  We finally got there!  And now, to add back in the text below the image rather than on top of it, and we have ourselves a finished product:

After receiving the logo in the final delivery package, the founder of the company said he enjoyed opening up the file just to look at the final logo over and over.  That kind of talk makes a graphic designer's day, so let it be known :)


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