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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

A Daisy for Photos by Kayla Noelle

Click to visit PhotosByKaylaNoelle.com!
This past week I had the incredible pleasure of creating a logo for Photos by Kayla Noelle, who specializes in capturing life's milestones in the St. George, Utah, area.  Kayla's lighting and editing skills are phenomenal and I've truly been blown away by the beauty she showcases in her work, especially on the subject of maternity.

Kayla and I had been chatting the past few months about the possibility of me creating a logo for her photography business; finally last month the planets aligned and we got started.  One thing that I love about logo creation is that it is truly a collaborative effort between the designer and the client.  Before I set out to design anything, as I have mentioned in previous posts, I pass along to my clients my tried and true design questionnaire that helps them reach into their core selves to discover fundamental elements that I can incorporate into the logo design.  Sometimes filling out the questionnaire is hard work for my clients because they're unsure if the answers they come up with is what I'm actually looking for.  But it always is :) The ultimate goal is to create a logo that is timeless and just as representative of the clients' businesses a decade into the future as it is now; so, any information they give me to hone in on that timeless element is gold.

In the end, there were several main elements that stood out to me from Kayla's finished design worksheet that I immediately could envision implementing.  She loves sort of the 1940's aesthetic, she loves cheerful color palettes, and she loves gerbera daisies.  She said that she wanted a logo that was loosely connected with photography but that wasn't a cliche camera or aperture.  She also wanted me to see if I could work a lettermark of her initials into the design.  With this great direction in mind, I then came up with the first round of three different concepts:

Over the course of my experience in the biz, I have received the full gamut of responses to first round logos from "Start completely over" to "I love all of them."  I felt as I was creating this round, though - especially as soon as I had drawn that adorable gerbera daisy - that I'd captured something that just said Kayla all over it.  I sent it off and hoped she felt the same way :)  And I am happy to report, that she did.  In fact, she was the dream client all the way throughout - completely decisive, completely timely with her responses.  Just a real, honest joy!

Kayla prefered the font we called the "Vintage Postcard font," found below the viewfinder lettermark option above.  She liked both the loose flourish camera with the daisy lens icon and the daisy lettermark within the viewfinder.  She wanted to see what the flourish camera would look like less flourish-y by straightening out the sides of the brackets that made up the camera outline.  She also wanted to see what just the daisy lettermark looked like without the viewfinder corners. Kayla's logo needs differ from most other businesses I've designed for since whichever logo she chose, she would need a version that worked well as a watermark on her photography,   I presented some color options in Round 2 as well, and here were the results:

Something I do that I think other graphic designers may shy away from is to let my clients know that anything I design for them throughout our logo creation process is theirs to keep.  I had a hunch that Kayla may want to use both the daisy lettermark and the camera daisy lens icon, implementing one of them as a primary logo and the other as a secondary graphic used in collateral and such.  I think other designers may avoid offering to deliver multiple logo files because preparing each individual ready-to-go vector and other high resolution files of several images is time consuming.  However, what's most important is that the client feels ownership of the design process, in all that entails.  Kayla also loved the different color options and we decided it would be fun to have not just one official logo color scheme, but two!  So, I delivered to her the two different icons in all the different color choices, arranged in 4 different configurations for her web, collateral, and watermarking needs.

Kayla has incorporated the watermark version of her new logo on some of her adorable work over the past week - click the image below to head over to her Facebook page to see even more examples of her stunning work!  I am thrilled to have created something so representative of Kayla that she can use in her business.  I can't wait to see how her business takes off from here!


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